Driveway and patio cleaning and sealing

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Commercial exterior & car park cleaning

Our professional exterior cleaning service will be of massive benefit to your business. Allow us to restore the fascia's, pathways, entrances, car parks and outside areas of your building back to their best. We are based in the West Midlands but work nationally for larger jobs.

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Improve the appearance of your premises

Not many people like to go to places that are dirty and even less like to go to places that are dangerous. With our exteior cleaning service, we'll ensure your premises are never described as dirty nor dangerous.

Whether it's something as simple as removing chewing gum from your paths or removing stains, weeds, moss and algae from your car park, we'll give your business a boost that ensures you make that positive first impression on customers and makes staff proud of their workplace. And of course our professional jet washing service not only improves the appearance of your premises but also the safety too.

Improve the safety of your premises

Slippery paths, entrances and car parks are an unnecessary hazard but without regular cleaning and maintenance, they'll become a hazard that'll quickly develop. By jet washing away algae and moss, we can stop the surfaces around your premises from becoming slippery. To ensure this algae and moss doesn't return after a matter of weeks, as part of our service we will treat the surfaces with a fungicidal treatment that ensures your surfaces stay looking new for longer.

No job too big nor no job too small

We pride ourselves on the fact no job is too big and no job is too small. From the largest car parks with spaces for hundreds of vehicles to the smallest shop entrances, from grubby to gleaming, we'll have your business back to its best.

Commercial cleaning services we offer:

  • Fascis & gutters 
  • Car parks and pathways
  • Tarmac refurbishment
  • Commercial sealing
  • Gutter downpipe cleaning

Surfaces we clean:

  • Factories
  • Car parks
  • Shop entrances
  • Paths
  • Shopping precincts
  • School playgrounds
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Recreational areas of hotels
  • The outside areas of public houses, hotels and restaurants
  • Plus all kinds of other block paved, tarmac, concrete, paved and natural and re-constituted stone surfaces