Driveway and patio cleaning and sealing

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Driveway and Patio Sealing

Once we have jet washed the surfaces of your property, we'd highly recommend that you take advantage of our sealing service. Whether it's your driveway, your patio or your paths that we have washed, sealing those surfaces will ensure they stay looking new for longer.

Quickly applied, we will have your paving, concrete and other surfaces sealed and ready to walk on in a matter of hours.

The benefits of sealing your surfaces are huge. In addition to keeping them looking newer for longer, sealing them will also strengthen and maintain the performance of your paving as the sand we use is bonded by the sealant.

Sealing your driveway, patio and other surfaces will also:

  • Help to enhance the appearance of older paving
  • Make the surfaces less porous, meaning they are more resistant to the penetration of stains including dirt, oil and fuel
  • Increase the safety of your paths and walkways by preventing the growth of slippery grass, weeds, algae and lichen on them
  • Seal the cracks in the surface and help to prevent ants and other creatures from building nests between them
  • Make the surface easier to maintain for the future
  • Protect your surface against frost damage
  • Provide a UV shield to reduce colour fade from the sun

Most importantly, our driveway and patio sealing service will save you money in the long-term. By having your surfaces sealed, the results of our jet washing service will last much longer, meaning you won't have to pay out again to have them cleaned as often.

We are able to seal all of the surfaces we jet wash. These include driveways, paths, shop/office entrances, car parks, the outside areas of restaurants, pubs and hotels, garage forecourts, tennis courts and more. In fact if you have a surface that's either block paved, tarmacked, paved, natural stone or re-constituted stone, contact us and we'll tell you if we are able to clean it and seal it...the chances are we'll be able to!